Massage Therapist WordPress Theme

Information: This is a fantastic theme to use on any website for a massage therapy business or spa or for any individual massage therapist website or blog. If features a professional design, two column display with six widgetized areas including the sidebar. This theme has theme options to customize layout and more.

Free WordPress Nursing Theme

Information: This is a great free theme for nursing niche websites. It features a three column display, widgetized sidebars and footers plus a professionally designed layout. It is perfect for any website about nursing, medicine, health tips or more.


Medical Clinic WordPress Theme

Information: This is a great looking theme for any medical clinic, doctors office or healthcare professional. It features a two column display, wigetized sidebars, and is AdSense ready.

WordPress Law Theme

Information: If you need a theme or template for a website for a lawyer, legal office, law practice or some other legal niche site, then this theme is for you! It features a two column layout with a widget and AdSense optimized right hand sidebar, menu support and much more.

WordPress Dentist Office Theme

Information: This theme is perfect for creating a website or blog for a dentist office or dental clinic. It is also good for niche sites about the dental industry, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, orthodontics and braces, dental training and more. It features a two column display, dental logo header and a professional design scheme.


Dieting & Weight Loss Niche WordPress Theme

Information: This theme was created for marketers creating websites in the diet and weight loss niche. It features a two column design, plus widget sidebars and Adsense ready and theme options.

Video Game Niche WordPress Theme

Information: This theme is perfect for any website or blog about video gaming including sites about popular video game platforms like the Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360, Kinect and more. It’s also great for MMORPG blogs and sites.

Music Downloads Niche Premium WordPress Theme

Description:  This theme is perfect for websites about music downloads, music industry and MP3 downloads. It features a 3-column display, widgetized sidebars and is Google Adsense ready.


Dating Niche WordPress Premium Theme

Information: This theme was developed for individuals who want to build a website about dating, relationships, marriage or other related concepts.

Construction Contractor WordPress Theme

Information: We developed this theme for a client building a directory of roofing contractors. They graciously agreed to let us release it to the WP community. It is perfect for contractors, construction companies, repair companies, plus much more.

Education Niche Premium Theme for WordPress

Information: We are proud to release this exciting theme for website owners in the education/job training/online school niche. This great looking three column theme is perfect for affiliate sites, directories and much more.

Yellow Pages Theme for WordPress

Information: This is a really cool theme we recently completed for a client who wanted their website to look and feel like the Yellow Page phone book. They were gracious enough to let us release this theme to the WP community as a whole. Enjoy it!

Star Reviews Premium WordPress Theme

Overview: The Star Reviews Theme is a great WP theme for anyone wanting to build a review website. It features a top menu, a right side widgetized sidebar and it is Google AdSense ready. You can preview and download this theme using the links below.